Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester (Sabre) with 8" Extension Wand

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Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester (Sabre) with 8" Extension Wand
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Smoke Sabre Smoke Detector Tester

Smoke Sabre by SDI Fire is an effective smoke detector tester with an innovative aerosol delivery system. The unique extension wand directs the canned smoke in an efficient manner to test the functionality of the smoke detector. With a flick of the wrist the testing can be completed with less waste. Smoke Sabre has a silicone free formula that preserves the alarm and helps to eliminate the risk of harmful residue. It is ozone safe with a low global warming potential propellant.

Please Note: Pressing the "test button" on a smoke detector tests battery strength only. The test button cannot be used to verify the smoke detector's ability to activate its alarm in the presence of smoke caused by a fire. Smoke Sabre Smoke Detector Tester was designed specifically to verify the smoke detector's proper functioning.


  • 8.5" venturi extension wand incorporated into the top of the can
  • Faster detector activation and clearing
  • More tests per can with less waste
  • No harmful residue
  • Silicone free
  • No CFCs and low GWP
  • 100% bio-degradeable sabre wand
  • Endorsed by detector manufacturers
  • UL/ ULC Listed (per NFPA 72 par. 8-2.4.1)
  • Manufacturer 100% Life Time Guarantee
  • Due to Federal Law, SABRE Smoke Detector Tester cannot be shipped via the US Postal Service or by an Air Method. It may only be shipped within the Continental United States.
Material Safety Data Sheet for Smoke Detector Tester Click to View the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (The Adobe Acrobat .pdf file will open in another window.)
1. What makes Smoke Sabre different than other canned smoke testers on the market? With the Smoke Sabre extension wand there is no risk of spraying too close to the smoke detector. It delivers consistently without contaminating the detector making it more cost-effective and safer than other aerosol smoke detector testers. Other testers, whether hand-held or used with a dispenser, are easily misused and often spray too close which leaves a residue inside the chamber and on the casing. The residue has harmful effects over time. It can discolor the detector plastic, affect responsiveness, attract dust, and can even lead to corrosion and cracking of the detector. The Smoke Sabre will not leave a residue.

The Smoke Sabre is an environmentally friendly product. The extension wand is made of bio-degradeable plastic. The canned smoke is 100% ozone safe with low GWP propellant. It is UL/ ULC tested and recommended by leading detector manufacturers.

2. How does the Smoke Sabre work? Pull or flick the wand upwards until it is fully extended. Aim directly at the smoke detector. When in use, air is drawn in through holes in the sabre to work with the venturi effect to assist the velocity and vaporization process of the smoke particles that are sprayed. This accounts for faster activation of the alarm and quicker testing with less waste. The closed position of the sabre protects the spray nozzle. The aerosol can only be dispensed when the sabre is fully extended.

3. How often should the Smoke Sabre be used? The Smoke Sabre should be part of a quarterly inspection of the detector. First, test and replace the batteries in the smoke detector, if needed. After cleaning the surface of the detector, test it with the Smoke Sabre to check for correct functioning.

4. Who uses the Smoke Sabre Smoke Detector Tester? For maximum efficiency on the job, the Smoke Sabre is preferred for many commercial and business applications. It is utilized by Fire Departments, Property Managers, Facility/ Maintenance crews, HVAC, Plumbers, and Electricians, and Home Inspectors to name a few. The fail-safe extension wand makes the Smoke Sabre ideal for homeowners.

Please Note: If the smoke detectors being tested are part of a centrally monitored alarm system, please notify the monitoring company PRIOR to testing that a test is scheduled and for what period to prevent the local Fire Department from being unnecessarily deployed.


  • Clean smoke detector by using DustAir Smoke Detector Cleaner or use a clean cloth to remove dust.
  • Press test button to check the battery.
  • Remove label from the top of the Smoke Sabre can.
  • Press the release button and flick wrist to extend the sabre wand.
  • Hold can vertically.
  • Press spray nozzle for 0.5 to 1 seconds. Repeat every 10 seconds as needed.
  • Detector may be faulty if it does not respond.
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