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Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester Smoke Check HSI (25s) 2.5 Ounce

Model #: 25s

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Home Safeguard Smoke Check, Smoke Detector Test Spray, 2.5 ounce, Canned Smoke. Model number 25s provides up to 300 Tests Per Can

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Smoke Check™ smoke detector tester is used to safely test the proper functioning of smoke detectors and smoke alarms. With no dangerous flames or fumes, Smoke Check™ smoke in a can tests both photoelectric and ionization type smoke detectors to ensure circuitry and alarm systems are in proper working order and actively sampling the air for any hint of a fire.

Please Note: Pressing the "test button" on a smoke detector tests battery strength only. The test button cannot be used to verify the smoke detector's ability to activate its alarm in the presence of smoke caused by a fire. Smoke Check™ Smoke Detector Tester was designed specifically to verify the smoke detector's proper functioning.


Specifications & Features

  • Over 300 Smoke Detector Tests Possible Per Can.
  • Can Dimensions: 5" Tall x 2" Diameter.
  • Contents Net Weight - 2.5 oz (70.5g).
  • Contains No Hydro-fluorocarbons (HFCs).
  • Smoke Check™ is UL Listed (per NFPA 72 par. 8-2.4.1).
  • Due to Federal Law, Smoke Detector Tester Smoke in a Can cannot be shipped via the US Postal Service or by any Air Method.
  • Smoke Detector Tester (Model 25S) may only be shipped within the continental United States.
SDS Safety Data Sheet or MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Click to Download Safety Data Sheet - SDS

Product Certifications



  1. What is the best way to utilize Smoke Detector Tester? - Building/facilities/transportation support technicians, home/condo owners and apartment dwellers should establish routine procedures to inspect, clean, test and replace batteries in smoke detectors on a quarterly basis. Maintenance and testing should be performed more frequently in areas with large quantities of airborne particulates such as factories or restaurants.

    Please Note: If the smoke detectors being tested are part of a centrally monitored alarm system, please notify the monitoring company PRIOR to testing that a test is scheduled and for what period to prevent the local Fire Department from being unnecessarily deployed.

  2. Who uses Smoke Detector Tester?

    • Fire Departments
    • Mining Companies
    • Airlines and Airports
    • Marinas
    • Distribution and Shipping Companies
    • Factories and Office Buildings
    • Home Inspectors and Real Estate Agents
    • HVAC Technicians, Plumbers, Electricians
    • Manufacturers
    • Hospitals, Schools, Churches, Auditoriums, Public Facilities, etc.
    • Government and Military Installations
    • Restaurants
    • Landlords and Property Management Companies
    • Home Owners and Apartment Dwellers


Smoke Detector Tester can be used in a variety of ways as shown below:
  • Fire Departments can canvass neighborhoods testing smoke detectors to promote fire awareness and safety.
  • Fire safety professionals can setup demonstrations for proper smoke detector handling in schools and other public events.
  • HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, home inspectors or anyone who works in residential and commercial buildings should always carry Smoke Detector Tester to verify the smoke detectors located in the areas they are working in are functioning properly.
  • Make sure employees have Smoke Detector Test in their homes.
  • Donate Smoke in a Can to schools, hospitals, churches and other not for profit organizations. Use press releases to advertise these good works sponsored by your company.


Please follow the instructions shown below for servicing your smoke detector and the proper use of Smoke Detector Tester.
  1. Clean smoke detector by using DustAir™ Smoke Detector Cleaner or use a clean cloth and gently remove dust and any foreign matter.
  2. Press test button to verify the battery is operating. Replace smoke detector batteries at least every six months.
  3. Remove cap and from a distance of between 2' and 4' aim spray for 1 to 2 seconds at the vents or side of the smoke detector.
  4. Alarm should sound within 1 to 10 seconds if the detector is functioning properly.
  5. Smoke detectors with delay circuits should be sprayed an additional 1 or 2 times to activate the alarm.
  6. Remember, as stated above, if the smoke detectors being tested are part of a centrally monitored alarm system, please notify the monitoring company PRIOR to testing that a test is scheduled and for what period to prevent the local Fire Department from being unnecessarily deployed.

Due to FEDERAL LAWS, this product cannot be shipped via US Postal Service or any other Air Method - at checkout you will only be offered UPS GROUND as the shipping method.


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We use this product once a week to make certain that ALL of the smoke detectors are operating. Thanks for your prompt service, Craig

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