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Balemaster Moisture Meter 9-40% (GRN6160) with 23" SS Probe

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Protimeter Balemaster Digital 9-40% (GRN6160) with 23" SS Bale Probe

The Protimeter Hay & Straw Bale Moisture Meter is a hand held instrument which displays the results on a large Digital Display. Providing a rapid and accurate assessment of moisture levels in straw, hay and other grass bales.
  • Measurement range: 9 to 40% moisture content (calibrated with wheat straw).
  • A complete moisture measurement system for assessing moisture content in the bales of straw and hay. It is a feature packed agriculture moisture meter.
  • Easy to read digital display LCD
  • Power: (2) AA size batteries (included)

Supplied with:

  • One year manufacturers warranty.
  • Protimeter Balemaster meter GRN5159.
  • 23" Stainless Steel bale probe 3/8" diameter (with 42" wire lead).
  • Nylon carrying pouch with Velcro tab (for the meter).


  1. Connect the Bale Probe to the instrument and switch ON by pressing button.
  2. Push the Bale Probe into the bale to the required depth. Note the reading on the display.
    Note: When assessing the moisture content (mc) of whole bales, it is recommended that the average value is obtained from numerous readings taken from different sides and at different depths.
  3. To obtain the correct average values, use the following moisture measurement ranges as a guideline:
    • Less than 15% mc: bales are in a safe condition for storage
    • Greater than 15% mc: bales are not in a safe condition for storage. Additional drying is recommended..
  4. After use, switch the instrument OFF by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds, or leave the instrument to switch OFF automatically.

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Category: Agricultural
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