Smoke Emitters and Candles

Smoke products provide an inexpensive method of generating swirling smoke. This is a great product for testing of all high, medium, and low pressure duct-work systems and also for air balancing. The smoke emitted does not contain oil nor zinc and will not leave any residue. It is non-toxic and has the same density as air, so that it is possible to observe true air movements without the complicating factor of having to allow for the natural rise or fall of the smoke. The particle size is .3 to 2.5 microns making it ideal to check HEPA filters. The smoke cartridges produce a generous amount of smoke, which is emitted at a constant rate to help with the identification of flow patterns.

Smoke Test in Practice Types of Smoke Testing

Ventilation Systems

Kitchen Fume Hood smoke test

Chicken Farm smoke test

Animal Training 

Training of horses for security use with smoke emitter

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 Leakage test of air tight protection gear.

Special Effects
RC-Slowflyer with smoke emitter S 105-OR

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