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Accessories and Attachments 
Protective Boots
Grab Hold of the Power of Provision!

Hold onto it easier and protect it better with ProVision Boots!

Dress up your Provision with these tough protective boots, We offer two styles in a variety of colors. Get either easy to clean "Gloss" or the easier to hold "Textured" finish. All boots come with the Provision logo printed on the side. Custom colors and custom printing are available for as few as 300 pieces.

Part # Color Texture
PVBBKG Black Gloss
PVBBKT Black Textured
PVBYLG Yellow Gloss
PVBRDT Red Textured
PVBBUS Trans-Blue Gloss
PVBBUT Blue Textured

Yellow, Blue, Red, Black

Choose Color, Texture or Finish from the Chart above custom colors available!

Custom Printing: We can put your logo or message directly on the boot.

Custom Colors: For as little as 300 pieces we can give you the color in the texture of your choice.

Rubber Eye Cup

See It Clearer
With the Provision Eye Cup

Eliminate all external light on the viewing lens with this great eye cup. (Standard on the UV Leak Detection model.) This eye cup is great to use with eyeglasses and is very easy to install. Just pop it over the viewing lens and say goodbye to external light clouding your view.

Part # Description
PVEG1 1.25" dia. Rubber Eye Cup

ProView 45
Clip On Accessory Mirror for ProVision
Part Number: PVW-45 (0.4"/10.5mm)
Part Number: PVW 45M (0.23"/5.8
  • 45 degree mirror provides ability to view objects that are perpendicular to the ProVision shaft.
  • Easy clip on design for fast installation.
  • May be used with all ProVision Models.

ProMag 1
Clip On Magnetic Tip for ProVision
Part Number: PM-1 (0.4"/10.5mm)
Part Number: PM-1M (0.23"/5.8mm)
  • Strong magnetic tip allows you to pick-up nuts, bolts and screws you may have dropped in inaccessible places.
  • Easy clip on design for fast installation.
  • Powerful permanent magnet.
  • May be used with all ProVision models.

ProLite 1000
Halogen Accessory Bulb for ProVision
Part Number: PL1000 (0.4"/10.5mm)
Part Number: PL1000 (0.23"/5.8mm)
  • 3x as bright as the standard PV100 bulb, over 600 foot candles
  • Brighter, whiter, halogen light, 3220°k
  • Precision lens end configuration provides superior spot alignment
  • Improved ruggedness
  • Significant 25 hour rated life
  • Easy drop-in replacement on all ProVision models

ProView 45 Kit
Part Number: PVK-45 (0.4"/10.5mm)
Part Number: PVK-45M (0.23"/5.8mm)
  • Kit includes ProView 45 mirror and ProLite 1000 halogen bulb

ProView 45 Kit
Part Number: PVKM-45 (0.4"/10.5mm)
Part Number: PVKM-45M (0.23"/5.8mm)
  • Kit includes ProView 45 mirror, ProLite 1000 halogen bulb and a magnetic tip

This 37mm coupler will let most digital cameras and video cameras attaches directly to the provision tools. Some cameras will need to use a "Step-down" coupler that is available at most photo departments.

*PV-618 and PV-636 models have .23” diameter, flexible, non-obedient cable.
All other models have .4” diameter, flexible, obedient cable.

Made in the U.S.A


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