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Provision borescope FAQ's

What is the best way to assure optimum focus with ProVision?
ProVision does not require you to focus on the specific object you are viewing. The focus feature on ProVision is there to adapt the unit to your eye. The best way to begin any job is to look through ProVision across a room. Twist the focus ring until you obtain the clearest image possible. The image should appear as if you are looking through a screen door because you are actually viewing your image through 6,000 separate optical fibers. Once you have focused ProVision to the best image possible looking across a room, it is now ready to use in any other viewing situation. You should not have to touch the focus ring again even for close-up inspections. Sometimes best results are achieved without wearing your glasses, as the high performance optics of ProVision will adapt to most people's naked eye.

Can ProVision be submersed in water?
The shaft of ProVision is sealed and can be submersed in water. The handle of ProVision is not sealed and damage can occur if water leaks into the handle.

Is it possible to attach a camera to ProVision?
Yes, it is possible to adapt both video and still cameras to ProVision by means of a C-coupler or C-mount available from quality camera shops.

Is there a 45° mirror attachment available that will allow me to look
at a right angle to the shaft?
Yes. A mirror is now available for the ProVision.

Does it matter which way the batteries are inserted into ProVision?
No, as long as both AA batteries are oriented in the same direction, polarity does not mater. We recommend Alkaline batteries for best performance.

When I look through the eyepiece of my ProVision, the image is tilted – what should I do?
No need to worry! This is a common occurrence. The shaft is made of a continuous coil of steel, kind of like a spring. Many times, after repeated bending, the coil relaxes a bit and the image appears tilted. All you need to do is grasp the end of the shaft, while looking through the eyepiece, and twist the shaft end in the opposite direction the image needs to move. Keep twisting until your image is aligned again.


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