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Fiber Scope

Provision proudly presents the Elite "Eagle". While all ProVision products are made with the optimum in quality, the "Eagle" features engineering only found on scopes that are three times its cost.

Powered by two high output diodes and with an outstanding increased viewing power of over 25% over a regular ProVision, the "Eagle" also has a stainless steel armored shaft for better abrasion resistance, a molded impact resistant textured boot, and a soft light sealing eye cup to make this scope the ultimate in inspection tools! Powered by two powerful lithium "AA" commercial grade batteries, the "Eagle" is the Ultimate "See-It, Fix-It" tool!

Design Features:

  • Refined, Improved resolution
  • Stainless Steel armored Shaft
  • Custom Molded Foam Boot
  • Rubber Eye Cup
  • High Output Diode Light Source
  • Rugged Machined Aluminum Lens/Light Tip

Stainless Steel Armored Shaft
Impact Textured Foam Boot With Light Sealing Eye Cup

Two High Output Diodes In Rugged Machined Aluminum Tip

Record and share what you see inside components with the new PVC1 wireless camera. Part of the new Provision Elite series of high end inspection technologies, the PVC1 has a precision engineered coupler that attaches on to all Provision scopes to transmit through a wireless link to either a TV or computer. Super for teaching or recording repairs for warranty claims.

Part #: PVC1


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