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Great for Inspection of:

 Cylinder and top of pistons, intake manifolds, radiators, intercoolers, transmissions, rear axles and more!

If you can't see it, you can't fix it. With Provision you can inspect everything from cylinder walls to valve springs, transmissions, rear ends and more.

All with out having to disassemble the component.

This is why Jamie of Access Motorsports and Eric of Panther Motorsports rely on Provision.


Mark Taliaferro
ASE "GOLD" Certified Master Mechanic
for Truck and Auto

"See it better with precise focus and a huge viewing area, fix it faster with ProVision."


Greg Ray - Champion
1999 IRL
Indy Car Series®

"When you are going over 220 miles per hour, everything in your car has to work perfectly."



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