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Provision borescope testimonials

"As a race team you strive to accelerate your methods of inspection and diagnosis. With the ProVision™ line of tools, our abilities in analysis and diagnosis have been greatly enhanced. No longer do we have to rely on guesswork until we can disassemble a component. With ProVision™ we have the ability to inspect inside the car to help prevent DNFs."
-- Greg Ray
"I just got my PV100 from the rep at CML...what a great tool! Now I don't have to pull the wheels off of the racecar to check brake pad wear, and I've already used it to take a peak at the piston in my racing shifter kart...what a great tool! Thanks CML!"

Robert Orcutt
Robert Orcutt Racing Ltd./PRO COACHING/SPORT Racing
ALMS & Grand Am driver

"Provision is a good product. It's a product that takes the guesswork out of what you're doing, when you're doing the job.."

Mark Taliaferro
ASE Auto Mechanic
Columbus, OH

"My Jet Ski was leaking salt water into the engine compartment from some unidentifiable area. I used flashlights and mirrors, but could not find the leak. I was all set to take it to the dealer when I found ProVision. One quick look with ProVision and I found the leaky fitting. This thing is great, it paid for itself instantly."

P. G.
Wilmington, DE

Jamie - Access Motors

"Mechanics are always being plagued with the dreaded nut or bolt that fell... somewhere. Murphy's law ensures that it never quite makes it all the way to the ground. It has rapidly become a favorite among our technicians for exploring unreachable recesses in and around the cars in our shop. I'm sure we'll continue to find more uses for this little life saver as time goes by, but so far, I'd say that it has earned its keep just fine."

B. D.
Service Manager
Toyota Dealership
Norman, OK

"We use the ProVision as a teaching tool for turbine engine technology classes. This tool enables students/mechanics to do on the spot internal engine inspection quickly and easily. We don't need any other tool. ProVision 100 finds problems right on the spot. And it's affordable... not nearly as expensive as boroscopes. ProVision is neat, compact, lightweight, fits handily in a toolbox. I like the fact that it uses standard AA battery that I can buy anywhere."

H. B.
Aviation Maintenance Technician Instructor

"As an electrician, I was searching for a tool that would allow me to see what the existing conditions were inside the stud space of walls before drilling into unknown areas or creating the mess and added cost of removing drywall.

The ProVision 100 is a life saver! It has easily paid for itself many times over in the short amount of time that we have been using them on our service trucks."

J. G.
Southwest Valley Electric

"We have found it very useful for viewing shock absorber assemblies. Specifically to inspect wear patterns in the cylinder walls after life cycle testing has been completed. This is a time saver as we had needed to cut the bodies apart to get a good look at the patterns before. The small scope is excellent for viewing the actual assembly movement of our adjustable damping circuits through their range of adjustment."

Progressive Suspension

"I work for a testing and inspection firm. We purchased a ProVision 300 for inspecting small, hard to get to spaces. This tool is definitely a time saver. Using the ProVision allows us to inspect things quicker and easier. My only regret is that we didn’t get one sooner."

J. C.
The Twining Laboratories, Inc.

"A lifesaver INDEED! Thanks ProVision for this flexible optical device. A motor vehicle with high emissions came in today and after a few checks which proved OK, I proceeded to inspect the catalytic convertor, and without dropping the entire exhaust system I was capable of viewing both sides of the convertor which proved defective. What an aid to my diagnostic capabilities, what a time saver!"

R. E. D.
Automotive Technician

"The ProVision is a needed tool for the law enforcement community. It's a valuable and useful tool for crime scene investigation and all aspects of law enforcement. It's good for looking into backseats of autos or in inaccessible areas like a gas tank. Instead of tearing something apart you can use ProVision for easy and quick checks. ProVision is very useful, fast and easy. And great for contraband checks."
L. P.
Lone Star Forensics
Hurst, TX

"I am able to determine friction plate thickness and other clutch related problems without spending a lot of time removing transmissions. The ProVision is great, well worth what we paid."

T. S. Purcell, OK

"We bought the ProVision to inspect the internal areas of pump impellers. The first time we used it we found cracks inside the impeller that would have gone undetected, and could have caused a catastrophic failure in the pump. Thanks for a great tool."

C. A.
Chandler, AZ

"We were really skeptical about investing in another boroscope. We had purchased 2 other brands before yours and they were basically worthless. Today we had a ‘97 Grand AM come in with a coolant leak. After pressure testing we were convinced of a bad cyl head/gasket. Well, after using your scope to see the engine better, we determined that the leak was indeed from the cylinder head. We would not have found this problem until after the head was removed had we not used your scope!"

G. I.
DG’s Auto
Orlando, FL

"I work at the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitors complex in Florida. My job is at fleet maintenance where we are required to keep our 60 coaches in tip-top shape. On some of our older buses we needed to find out the condition of the inner frame behind the outer skin. Your ProVision flexible fiberoptic scope was just the right tool for the job. We were able to inspect the coaches without removing the outer panels thus saving us a lot of work and expense. Thanks much for such a fine product."

J. E.
Johnson Controls
Kennedy Space Center
Titusville, FL

"I install satellite TV systems and smart home components. I always had problems retrieving a wire that I've threaded through a hole into a wall cavity. Many times I've been frustrated and had to cut at least a 4" hole. Now, with the ProVision, all I cut is a 1" hole where I'm going to place the telephone, cable or network jack. Then I use the ProVision, to which I tape a coat hanger wire with a hook on the end. This way, I can find the cable and hook onto it at the same time, and pull it out of the hole. It's great!"

I. L.

"Being very leery of new tools like this, I bought it anyway. After buying the tool it was less than a week that I actually used it. Being a diesel mechanic, the job I was doing would have taken me about 7 hours to determine the problem. With ProVision it only took me about 30 minutes. This thing is worth every penny I paid for it."
R.B. Clinton, IA

"I have been waiting for years for someone to make a tool like this. I have used it several times already with great results. What a time saver."
S.B. Temecula, CA

"The ProVision fiberoptic scope has saved me five hours labor on trouble-shooting engine noise. This is one of the best tools I have purchased."

"A couple of months ago our local tool distributor introduced me to ProVision and showed me how it worked and the benefits of tear down time I could save with its use. I have looked into several types of scopes and could not understand how your scope was much easier to operate and inexpensive all in one, I was skeptical! I wanted to put it to the test first, so I copied the phrase "you sold me" in the smallest type possible and placed it at the bottom of an empty soda can. I asked the tool dealer if he could read the print. When he read the phrase back to me I was sold! I am glad I purchased the ProVision that same day and enjoy using it every chance I get. Thanks for a product that every technician should have in their tool box."
J.C. Kingman, AZ

"I recently purchased my ProVision and it has already paid for itself in time saved. I was working on an Isuzu and it had problems in a cylinder with no compression. One look with the ProVision and I knew the motor had to come out because of burnt pistons. It also saved the day on a Dodge Caravan that we thought the heads were leaking under the intake manifold. We took a quick look with the ProVision and it showed us that it was the water pump leaking under the intake. Thanks for a great tool. I did not know how much I needed one until I got mine!"
A.K. Texarkana, AR

"We never imagined how useful the ProVision would be when we bought it. Now we have one on every truck because it allows us to inspect those old Lennox and Carrier units without tearing them apart. We are selling more new furnaces than ever before."
B.B. Wichita, KS

"This thing has paid for itself over and over again in the time we have saved at a number of jobs. I never thought of using a tool like this, now I can’t imagine doing my job without it."
T.C. Chicago, IL


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