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Why settle for just a flashlight to find your leaks when you can have a powerful UV light source that’s also a magnified borescope!

Don’t just look for leaks on the surface...look for them inside the engine and underneath components. The ProVision® PV-300UV has been tested and works with all the standard leak detection dyes

Search for Internal leaks -blown head gaskets. Use ProVision® UV to look for leaks underneath the fitting.


  • Powerful UV Diodes emits light at the Wavelength of 395nm. Each Diode emits 25mcd at 25 degrees
  • High Power Lithium AA batteries (not standard "AA" Battery)
  • Protective Boot, Flexible Eye Cup and Rugged Carrying case, all included in your ProVision® UV Leak Detection System!

UV Leak Detection Scope

Part # Description
PV-300UV UV Scope with protective boot,
eye cup and batteries, 2 High
Output Lithium AA batteries
PVW45 Sideview Clip-On Mirror
PVH36V Replacement, 2 pcs High output
"AA" Lithium Batteries

Provision UV Power At Your Fingertips!


- Clip-On Mirror for 45° Viewing

Caution!: The Provision UV Leak Detection scope should not be inserted into corrosive and explosive environments nor should it be inserted or into any liquids, as the leads in the tip are not protected.


Eye Cup: Eliminate all external light on the viewing lens with this great eye cup. (Standard on the UV Leak Detection model.) This eye cup is great to use with eyeglasses and is very easy to install. Just pop it over the viewing lens and say goodbye to external light clouding
your view.
Batteries: Comes with 2 AA Lithium batteries. The life expectancy of the batteries is over 30 hours of UV power! (not a standard AA battery)
Protective Carrying Case: When not in use, store in its rugged carrying case.



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