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Cystoscope, Genito/Urinary Endoscopy, Oral Exam (with speculum), Upper Airway Endoscopy, Rectal Endoscopy

Flexible, light-weight, durable and best of all, adaptable to a large number of procedures. Be it a cystoscope on an equine patient or a general Endotrachial Intubation, Provision gives you an affordable alternative not generally offered in the medical marketplace.

If you can see it, you can heal it.


"Finding good diagnostic equipment is not always easy, and when you do, the costs can take your breath away. Finding the ProVision line of endoscopes was quite a relief and exciting at the same time. With Provision we can afford to put affordable 12x diagnostic scopes in the hands of everyone of our vets."

- Dr. Andris J. Kaneps
Parrot Equine Clinic
Beverly, MA

Veterinary Medicine

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