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CHECKPOINT IIa Mitigation Alarm 0.1"WC (28001-5) Remote Alarm

Model #: 28001-5

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CHECKPOINT IIa Mitigation Alarm 0.10"WC (28001-5) Preset to alarm at 0.10 Inches of Water Column

CHECKPOINT IIa Mitigation System Alarm with Remote Alarm (supplied with 50 feet of wire) and can be located where the occupants are more likely to hear it.

This radon system fan monitoring device provides audible and visible warnings when the radon fan ceases to operate. Ideal addition to a radon mitigation system that is not being inspected regularly.

  • Radon system fan monitoring device
  • Factory preset to activate at 0.1" WC (water column) vacuum pressure
  • Provides audible and visible warnings when the fan ceases to operate
  • Green and red light readout
  • Operates on low voltage

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