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Clearadon 3311 Radon & VOC Water Mitigation System (28455) 115v

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Clearadon 3311 Radon Gas and VOC Shallow Tray Water Mitigation System (28455) 115v

Contaminated water from your well is sprayed into the aeration tray. The water then flows across the tray between the baffles. At the same time, filtered air is blown up through the holes in the tray and through the water, blowing away radon and any other volatile contaminants. This exhaust air is then vented safely outside and the cleaned water collects in the holding tank to be pumped into a pressure tank supplying your home.

  • Provides up to 99+% radon reduction. Shallow tray aeration system designed and manufactured for trouble-free operation.
  • 110 volt AC (requires a dedicated 20 amp circuit)
  • Professionally designed, UL listed, electrical control box
  • 4" exhaust vent stack
  • Easy remove lid with 6 clips for easy maintenance
  • Equipped with the standard 6 GPM outlet flow restrictor

Supplied with:

  • Operation manual
  • 3/4" solenoids
  • 3/4" hose barb input
  • 1" hose barb output

Bypass not included. Pump and tank sold separately.

Download Installation Guide (PDF format)

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