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CO Check (co8-TK3) Carbon Monoxide Detector Testing Kit

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Testing Kit supplied with a Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge, testing bag and real CO Gas

CO Check Carbon Monoxide Gas in an aerosol can is 100% natural and is found in the air we breathe. It is NON-FLAMMABLE and environmentally safe. There is not enough CO in the product to produce any ill effects. It is a safe, convenient, and affordable way to ensure your detectors will work when needed.

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To ensure your detectors work, test them every month. You may find that they will last longer than indicated and will not need replacing as CO Check Carbon Monoxide Gas is UL listed often, which will save you money. Test the carbon monoxide detectors with CO Check, made by HSI Fire & Safety Group. CO Check is the first carbon monoxide testing product which is approved by most major CO detector manufacturers and can be used by the public. You can test all wall and ceiling mounted carbon monoxide detectors. The 0.07oz can, will give you multiple tests of Carbon Monoxide Gas in the convenience of an aerosol can.

  • 100% natural Carbon Monoxide test solution has been updated and released as a convenient aerosol, designed to test wall and ceiling mounted detectors. Open air testing is not recommended.
  • Non flammable
  • uL listed (Gas and Vapor Detector and Sensor Accessories) FTAQ.E328172
  • With 1 aerosol can, you should be able to perform multiple tests (open air testing is not recommended)
  • Contains no volatile organic compounds
  • CO detector tester
  • Store at temperatures below 120° F
  • Made in USA

Case Lot Pricing. Considerable discounts on case lots (12 cans per case) more info

Kit includes:

  • (3) cans of Carbon Monoxide Test Gas - Co8
  • (3) testing spray straws
  • (1) folded 14" x 10" poly bag
  • (1) bag tie
  • (1) CO Badge Carbon Monoxide Detector

For best results, the manufacturer recommends to use the Versa Test Enclosed Delivery System Test Head (# VT-1).

While this product was designed for use with an enclosed delivery system, it can also be used by placing a small zip-lock bag around the detector. This will help to maintain the concentration of CO Check near the sensor.

Step by step instructions to test your carbon monoxide detectors properly.
1. Clean Detector exterior of any dust and debris.
2. Place the carbon monoxide detector inside a small zip-lock bag that will just fit the detector.
3. Zip up the bag all the way.
4. Push the Trigger Spray hose into the bag and point it towards the sensor area.
5. Press on the corner of the bag were the Trigger Spray enters and Spray CO Check for approximately 3-4 seconds and wait up to 15 minutes with continuing pressure on the bag to keep the CO Check in. (If the alarm has a Part Per Million (PPM) indicator it should start to slowly increment after 5-8 minutes. It should show at least 600-700 PPM, but it will take longer to increment to this point).
6. The alarm should sound if unit is properly functioning.
7. If alarm does not sound, push the button to check the batteries.
8. If after pushing the button, there is no alarm, the batteries need to be replaced.
9. After replacing the batteries repeat step 2.
10. The alarm should sound if the detector is properly functioning.
11. If the alarm does not sound, the detector is nonfunctional, follow the steps below.
A. Make sure the power source is connected.
B. Replace the battery again if necessary.
C. Inspect the detector vents for dirt, dust, grease, and clean with a dry cloth or vacuum.
D. Retest from step 2.
E. If your detector still does not respond, install a new detector immediately.

This product is intended for handling and use by a qualified professional. Authorities having jurisdiction should be consulted before purchase and use. We assume no responsibility further.

Download MSDS for CO Check Carbon Monoxide Gas Download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Case Lot Pricing. Considerable discounts on case lots (12 cans per case) more info

CO Check does not have HFC which can damage the Ozone layer or contribute to Global Warming. The product complies with both the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols and the California state requirements. It is DOT Approved, uL Listed and has a Patent Pending.

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