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Custom Non-Contact Voltage Sensor (AC3000c) 50 to 1000vAC

Model #: AC3000c

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Custom Printed Non-Contact Voltage Sensor (AC3000c) 50 to 1000vAC. Assembled and printed in USA

The private label program consists of reproducing and printing your company logo on the barrel of the Ultimate AC Sensor. The requirements for custom printing are:

  • Each order must consist of 50 units or more for re-orders and 200 units for new orders (to cover plate expense).
  • Customer supplies logo by emailing in the artwork in the form of a business card, company letterhead, faxing or e-mailing the style print that is preferred.
  • The art department will email a proof of artwork for approval prior to production. After the proof has been approved, a signature is required by the customer verifying their approval before the order is processed.
  • The actual size to be printed on the barrel will be 2" in length and 3/8" high.
  • The ink used in printing is black and can only be printed on the barrel.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for printed orders to be shipped

Sound and bright red glow indicates voltage. With the Ultimate sensor the audio alert does not go off from contact with static electricity, it only reacts to AC Voltage.

  • Uses 2 "AAA" 1.5v Alkaline Batteries (included)
  • uL Listed
  • Made in USA

The Ultimate AC Sensor is a hand-held device for determining the presence or absence of 50-1000 volts AC in insulated wires, wall receptacles, fuses, junction boxes, switches and other voltage-carrying electrical systems. It is not necessary to disconnect the system in question because no contact is required for operation and current flow is not necessary to locate voltage. Simply touch the plastic tip to a connection point or move it along a wire. If AC voltage is present, the tip will glow red and you will hear an audible tone.

The Ultimate AC Sensor has a new feature, an audio alert! You not only get a visual alert, but an audio alert as well. Another important feature of the Ultimate AC is that the audio alert reacts only to an AC voltage field, and will not beep when it comes in contact with a static field.

There is no ON/OFF switch on The Ultimate AC Sensor. Switches can wear out over time or even malfunction. Because the Ultimate AC Sensor has no switch it is always ready to use!

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