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DC Voltage Detector 6-50vDC (DC3315) with Sound & Visual Alert

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Santronics DC Voltage Detector 6-50vDC (DC3315) with Sound & Visual Alert

The DC Detector introduces a revolutionary breakthrough in DC voltage detection and can be used to troubleshoot any DC circuit with voltage ranging from 6-50 volts DC. The DC Detector features an LED that never burns out, a loud buzzer, and a sharp, rust proof, stainless steel tip for penetrating insulated wires. The DC Detector also features an extended ground lead with an extra large alligator clip to insure a good connection. The DC unit is a user friendly, pen shaped enclosure that fits comfortably in the hand.

  • Buzzer - provides audio indication of DC voltage
  • LED Light -will never burn out
  • Large Clip - fits ground connection points small to large
  • Sharp Tip -penetrates fine and heavy wire
  • Construction -using the finest materials available
  • Stainless Steel Tip -rust proof.
  • Solid State Circuitry -total reliability.
  • Test Lead Wire -20 gauge heavy duty heat resistant.
  • Pen Sized -to fit comfortably in users hand
  • 100% Manufactured and Packaged in the USA


  1. Connect clip to system ground. Be certain a good ground is utilized
  2. Use tip to make contact with conductor wire or terminal test point
  3. If DC Voltage is present, the LED light in the white plastic tip will glow red. The BUZZER will also emit a loud buzzing sound.

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