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Digital Manometer 60 Inch WC Dual Port (EM201B) Ruggedized

Model #: EM201B

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The UEI EM201B digital dual port manometer has an improved accuracy and provides a simple, time-saving alternative to U-tube pressure measurements. It can measure gas supply and draft pressures in residential or light commercial properties. The dual input manometer has a differential mode which provides a convenient method to measure pressure drops.
  • Dual input differential measurement to -60 to +60" WG (water gauge or inches of water, inches of H2O); -100 to +100 mBar
  • Ruggedized with sturdy metal fittings
  • Rubber boot with built-in magnet (excellent for sticking to a furnace, fender etc.)
  • Measures in inches water column, mBar, PSI, and Pa (auto range to hPa)
  • Auto power-off after 5 minutes of no activity
  • MIN/MAX value capture will capture values for both the minimum and maximum pressure measured
  • Data hold
  • Back-lit display
Range Resolution Accuracy
inches of water
h2o (WG)
-60" to +60" 0.001 from -10" to +10"
0.01 otherwise

within 1%
mBar -100 mBar to +100 mBar 0.01
  • Operating temperature range: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
  • Operating humidity range: 10 to 90% RH non-condensing
  • Power: (1) 9v alkaline battery (included)
  • Battery life: approximately 40 hours with alkaline battery

Supplied with:

  • 2 pieces of 3/8" tubing
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 3/8" brass fittings (BF100)
  • 9v alkaline battery
  • 3 years limited manufacturers warranty
Optional: Padded UEI Carrying Case (AC319) with Inside Pocket & Carrying Strap

To turn the meter on press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.
1. Zero the meter
Prior to use, the meter must be zeroed. To do this, ensure the meter is in a non-pressurized area, press and hold the ZERO button for approximately four seconds. The display will show 888 to indicate that the zero function has occurred.
2. Measure Pressure
Connect the flexible tube between the meter and the pressure source.
When performing single input measurement use the positive input. The positive input is to the right when looking at the front of the meter. Positive pressures will display as positive results, and negative pressure will display a negative result. To perform pressure with respect to a different area connect a tube to the positive port, place the end of this tube to the area to be measured and the negative port open. Results will show the pressure in the target area with respect to the area the meter is located. Use both the positive and negative ports to perform differential measurements. Place the positive port in the area expected to have a higher pressure, and the negative port in the area of lower expected pressure.
To select the desired units press SCALE. Repeated presses of this button will scroll through PSI (pounds per square inch), In-Wg (Inches water gauge, or water scale), mBar (millibar), or Pa (Pascals). On the Pascal scale the meter will automatically switch to hectopascals (hPa) when the reading exceeds 1000 pascals. 1000 pascals is equal to 10 hectopascals.
The EM201B will capture values for both the minimum and maximum pressure measured. To reset press MIN/MAX until the display shows "- CLr". This will reset the values stored for minimum and maximum measured without the need to disconnect and zero the pressure measurement. Captured values can be displayed in any available scale.
The EM201B has a display hold feature. Press this during reading to freeze the display. Press again to return to actual measurement.
The EM201B has a backlit display. Press to turn on or off the back light feature. The back light will stay on until the button is pressed again
NOTE: using the back light will significantly reduce the battery life.
If the input exceeds the meter range OL will be displayed. Immediately disconnect from the pressure supply safely to reduce chances of damage to the instrument.

Link to Pressure Conversion Calculator (must have JAVA enabled)

Download Users Manual (PDF format)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I finally retired my worn out U tube manometer. What a difference! This meter is my new best friend. The built in magnet is a great idea. I stick it to the cabinet and make my adjustments. Ne need to hold the meter with the extra hand I don't have to spare. I just ordered the EM201 so I can have the additional port.

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