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DVD: Toxic Mold Solutions 2 Hours, Everything About Mold

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Toxic Mold Solutions DVD, 2 Hours, Everything About Mold

Need help cutting through all the media hype and misinformation? Need real information to help you with real mold problems? You need Toxic Mold Solutions.

The topic of mold often evokes intense reactions such as fear, panic, or confusion. This is understandable when you consider all of the sensationalized media cover and confusing misinformation out there. Toxic Mold Solutions can help.

Toxic Mold Solutions is an educational documentary that no homeowner will want to be without. It contains informational interviews with over 40 industry experts from a variety of fields including Legal, Medical, Remediation, Microbiological, Research, Legislative, and Indoor Air Quality organizations. Toxic Mold Solutions is intended to help homeowners with their mold detection, removal, and prevention needs.

Individuals with potential mold problems face a wide array of challenges including locating qualified and knowledgeable professionals. This educational documentary not only provides accurate and useful information to answer your mold questions, but also includes a listing of professional consultants. This valuable resource can help a homeowner find qualified professionals for their specific mold problem.

Toxic Mold Solutions contains:

  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Clear concise information about toxic mold
  • Resources to help you find professional consultants in your area
  • Staged reenactments
  • Over 2 hours in length to include:
    • 44 minute education documentary
    • 77 minutes of additional information
    • 17 minutes of interviews
  • As a bonus we have included over 74 professional (digital) slides
  • The Toxic Mold Solutions documentary educates consumers through instructions and interviews with professionals from Legal, Medical, Remediation, Microbiological, Research, Legislative, and Indoor Air Quality organizations

Toxic Mold Solutions educates homeowners on all of the different aspects of mold problems and assists them in finding professionals that can help.

This educational documentary provides accurate and useful information to answer all of your mold questions and concerns about detection, removal, and prevention, including a list of professionals to contact.

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