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Dwyer U-Tube Manometer 4" Water Column (1221-8) Red Gage Oil

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Manometer: Analog U-Tube -4 to 4 Inches of Water Column Manometer (1221-8) Pressure Vacuum Gauge

Basic U-gauge. A dependable U-tube manometer that withstands hard use and provides accurate, high visibility readings. For use with water, mercury, or red gauge oil.

  • Accurate, and durable.
  • Columns easily accessible for cleaning.
  • Over-pressure safety traps
  • Full scale ranges from 0" to 8" of water (add both columns above common zero and below zero for the combined static pressure).
  • Minor divisions in 1/10" increments.
  • Positive, negative, and differential pressures.
  • Designed for maximum legibility.
  • Dimensions: 17.5" x 1.6" x .7"

Supplied with:

  • 3/4 ounce bottle .826 specific gravity red gage oil
  • (2) plastic carrying plugs
  • (2) flexible tubing connectors (for attachment of 3/16" rubber or plastic tubing)
  • Instruction sheet

These manometers measure positive, negative and differential pressures. Dwyer® Flex-Tube® U-Tube Manometers combine the inherent accuracy of the simple "U" Tube with the durability of tough, long-lasting plastic construction. Columns are of 0.375" O.D. flexible and shatter proof clear butyrate tubing. They are easily accessible for cleaning. Indicating tube is backed by white scale channel to provide maximum color contrast. Scales are extruded high impact polystyrene plastic, formed to hold columns in perfect alignment. Stark white scales have graduations and numbers silkscreen-printed in black for maximum legibility.

Suitable for total pressures to 100 psi, for determining velocity and static pressures, leakage, fan and blower efficiency, filter resistance, and gas pressures. Ideal wherever a portable, direct reading manometer is needed.

SDS Safety Data Sheet or MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Click to Download Safety Data Sheet - SDS


  1. Mount to a vertical surface through holes in the scale.
  2. Open both fittings to atmosphere.
  3. Slide scale to mid-point of travel.
  4. Add liquid to zero on scale.
  5. Clean all fluid from the exterior of the unit to prevent cracking of the backplate.
  6. Connect either side to pressure or vacuum, leaving the other side open to atmosphere.
  7. Add together the readings above and below zero.

  8. It is normal for the two sides to have different readings and has no effect on accuracy.
    • For differential pressure, connect both the high and low fittings. Add the readings above and below zero on the scale.
Note: When finished, close fitting to prevent spilling or evaporation. Maintenance With proper care, Dwyer Flex-Tube® Manometers will continue to give accurate readings. If cleaning is needed, remove fittings, drain fluid, and rinse with mild soap and water. A cleaning brush may be used to remove oxidation. Avoid harsh soaps and solvents which may damage manometer and void warranty. When replacing O-rings, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to assure a good seal. Do not coat O-ring used in the overpressure safety trap. Avoid using fluids other than those specified. Corrosive fluids may damage the manometer.

Same as RadonAway model # 50002-1.

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