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Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector

Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector

The Pro Series 3 electronic radon gas monitor & alarm meets EPA Performance Criteria of the CR protocol.

Our electronic radon gas detector/monitor is a proven performer being in service since 1996. Used by inspectors, consultants and homeowners to monitor the radon gas levels in schools, offices and residences. It is a solid state continuous radon monitor which utilizes patented technology. At the heart of the device is a measurement circuit and pulse processing software which records alpha events on a photovoltaic sensor. Radon daughters create a spark when they come in contact with the potential across the collection dome and the photovoltaic sensor counts these pulses. The software equates pulse volume into pCi/L (Pico Curies per Liter) and then displays the information on the LED display.


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