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Enclosed & Open Delivery Kit (VT-COMPLETE) 32' Reach


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HSI Fire and Safety Complete Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Heat Detector Testing Kit with Extension Poles

The Perfect Service & Maintenance Test Kit to Test Smoke, Heat and CO Detectors

  • Supplied with 28 feet of extension allowing one to test ceilings up to 32 feet high.
  • UL / ULC Listed.
  •  Meets NFPA 72 and International Fire Code Compliance.
  • Versa-Test™ Dispenser Accepts Multiple Can Sizes.
  • Versa-Poles are Durable, Lightweight, Non-Conductive Fiberglass.

Supplied with:

  • (1) VT1 Enclosed Delivery Aerosol Dispenser.
  • (1) VP4X Fiberglass 4 foot extension pole.
  • (1) VP8 Fiberglass 8 foot extension pole.
  • (1) VP16 Fiberglass 16 foot telescoping pole.
  • (1) VT694 heat detector tester kit.
    • HC-94 Heat Detector Cup.
    • HA-94 Heat Detector Adapter.
    • VP- Adapter.
    • (6) Heat Pads.
    • (2) Saline Pillows.
    • Saline Syringe.
  • (1) VTOD2 Open Delivery Non-Conductive Test Head.
  • (1) VTC02-S CO Sleeve.
  • (1) 1490-1 can extension.
  • Professional Equipment Bag VT-B1.
  • Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty on Parts.

Instructions for Use

  • Remove bottom cup by screwing it counter clockwise.
  • Snap fit aerosol can into the cusp with the nozzle up.
  • Screw aerosol cup with can in place clockwise into base unit, until aerosol is slightly released.
  • Unscrew the cup counter clockwise approximately half a turn to eliminate the pressure on nozzle.
  • Insert yoke end of dispenser into end of Versa-Pole. For additional reach add the VP4X Adapter to top of VP16 and insert dispenser into the adapter.
  • Placing the open end of chamber over the detector, ensure a tight seal to the ceiling Press upwards on the pole to engage. Only slight upwards pressure is required to release the appropriate amount of gas to activate the alarm’s sensor.
  • Remove chamber from alarm to clear the sensing chamber.

Download Users Manual (PDF format)

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