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Eye Loupe 10x Magnifying Glass (VTMG12) Non-Conductive Frame

Model #: VTMG12

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10x POWER POCKET MAGNIFIER. The Eye Loupe employs a 10x optical glass magnifying lens, allowing you to thoroughly examine your work with the utmost clarity. Pocket size 10x Magnifier (VTMG12) Ideal for electronics, jewelry, crafts and more.
  • Non-conductive plastic housing
  • 10x optical glass magnifying lens
  • 1" diameter clear optical glass lenses (ground and polished)
  • For toolmakers, jewelers, instrument assemblers and others who need sharp, clear magnification without eyestrain.
  • Dimensions
    • Lens: 0.98" Ø
    • Magnifier: 1.97" Ø x 1.77"
  • Weight: 1.27oz.

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Product 21 of 21
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