No rechargeable flashlight is better than a Streamlight. Just ask any professional.

There are many times in a professional's demanding workday when only a rechargeable flashlight will do. When a light is needed that works instantly under the harshest conditions, even extreme heat or cold. When an emergency calls for a light that is fully charged, so there are no surprises. And when the job requires a rugged, cost-effective, extremely reliable tool - one that is many times more powerful and long-lasting than a common D-cell flashlight.

That's why Streamlight rechargeables are the #1 choice of professionals everywhere. We were first on the scene, pioneering the first high-intensity halogen rechargeable light. And from the very beginning we've built every one of our rechargeables to be the best, so they wouldn't let a professional down.

At the end of a job or shift, a Streamlight rechargeable is simply replaced in its charger so it's freshly charged and always ready to go. Contrast this with D-cell flashlights, whose condition is never really

known until they start to leave you in the dark. And D-cell flashlights end up costing more. Over a Streamlight rechargeable flashlight's average 4-year life, its user will save more than $300 in disposable batteries.

A Streamlight rechargeable can be charged up to 1000 times and packs a lot more power than a D-cell. A rechargeable power cell producing 75,000 candlepower fits in a case 12'' long and weighs about a pound. To get the same output, a D-cell flashlight would have to be so big, so heavy no one would carry it, never mind use it. And only Streamlight rechargeables come with universal cords that users can attach to any Streamlight charger.

If it is important to get reliably high-performance lights that can save a fortune in batteries - lights that have been trusted, day in and day out, for nearly 35 years - switch to Streamlight rechargeables. Of all the professionals who did, none have ever switched back. Just ask them.

*Average suggested cost of a Streamlight rechargeable
**Including $25 flashlight purchase