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Flexible Coupling 6 x 8 BLACK (79091) with SS Heavy Duty Clamps

Model #: 79091

Condition: New


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6" x 8" Black Rubber FLEX COUPLING
  • Designed for clay to cast iron or plastic
  • Connects to cast iron or plastic
  • Seals against infiltration/ex-filtration
  • Leak proof, root proof
  • Stainless steel clamps
Flexible couplings are not made specifically for the radon industry. These are "repair" couplings widely used in the plumbing and sewage trades to adapt to different types and sizes of piping. When using the flex couplings with our 6" fans, you may find that the Model names do not match up precisely with the manufacturer's coupling name. Some connections may be a bit snug, but they do fit and they are all that is available for making these connections.

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Product 28 of 34
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