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Generic Carbon Monoxide Safety Badge 2"x2" (cPG) CO Gas Detector

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Generic Passive Carbon Monoxide Detector Badges. CO Safety Badges measure 2.17" x 2.17" x .08 inches thick. Have shelf life of 2-3 years. Replace 90 days after activated.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Badges are an effective way to indicate to employees, customers, vendors, friends and family that dangerous carbon monoxide may be present in the area. Anyone who works or lives in an environment where gasoline, oil, wood, coal, natural and propane gases are present should have these detectors located in visible areas.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Model cP1, Reverse View The detectors, which have an adhesive strip on the back, can be placed inside of garages, basements, kitchens, vehicles and near portable electric generators. The detectors can be used at home, in the office, workshop or mill, in schools, hospitals, churches and while traveling.

Employees of mines, power plants, factories, warehouses, loading docks, airlines, shipping lines, HVAC and plumbing companies, etc. should wear the Carbon Monoxide Detector Badges on their shirts or uniforms. Our Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge Clamps make wearing them on clothing a snap. Employees who work in vehicles, such as cars, forklifts, planes and boats should place the Detector Badges on their instrument panels for easy to view monitoring.

Because of the engine noise inside of plane and boat cockpits, a detector badge mounted on the instrument panel may be the most effective way to detect CO gas as an audible alarm may not be able to be heard. Also, if you plan to use a gasoline powered generator during power outages caused by hurricanes, snow storms, etc., be sure to have several detector badges located around your home or building to have a visible indicator of CO gas in the area. Keep one in your glove compartment or emergency pack.

With Custom Imprinting, the Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge becomes a valuable promotional item that will keep your company's name in front of your customers, associates, vendors, subscribers, visitors, etc.


Specifications & Features

  • Test gas applied:
    • 150 ppm of carbon monoxide gas, Darkening within 2 minutes, dark grey by 5 minutes, black by 10 minutes
    • 350 ppm carbon monoxide Darkening within 30 seconds, dark grey by 2 minutes, black by 3.5 minutes
    • 450 ppm carbon monoxide Darkening within 30 seconds, dark grey by 2 minutes, black by 3 minutes
    Above specifications taken from Sira Lab Test from December, 22 2003.
  • The detectors may potentially save a life by indicating to someone that carbon monoxide may be present in the area.
  • Detectors are individually wrapped in cellophane. (Cellophane must be removed for detector to function.)
  • The detector is 2.17" x 2.17" x 0.08" thick (55 x 55 x 2mm) and is made of a non-toxic material.
  • There is a convenient adhesive strip on the back that allows mounting on almost any surface.
  • Shelf life of an unopened package is approximately 2 to 3 years.
  • Once opened, the detector is effective for 90 days.
  • The presence of carbon monoxide will change the color of the impregnated silica reagent from orange-red to red-brown and then to gray-black as the concentration of the Carbon Monoxide levels increase.
  • If the detector is exposed to carbon monoxide it can be reused after exposure to fresh air.
  • Harmonized code: 3822.00.5090 - Diagnostic or laboratory reagents on a backing and prepared diagnostic or laboratory reagents, whether or not on a backing, other than those of heading 3002 or 3006

Product Certifications

View the current laboratory test certification for the Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the best way to utilize the Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge? - Use the adhesive strip to attach the detector badges to ductwork, walls and vehicle and equipment instrument panels and frames, at or near eye level or other visible location. Train your employees to periodically monitor the detector badges to ensure they have not changed color, which indicates the presence of carbon monoxide, or expired, after 90 days.

    Employees should use the adhesive strip to attach the detector badges to the badge clips and place them on their shirts, blouses, jackets, vests, etc. Train employees to periodically monitor their own and coworkers badges to ensure the badge sensor has not changed color or has expired.

  2. Who uses Carbon Monoxide Detector Badges? - There is a long list of companies that use the detector badges for everyday use or as promotional items. Some of the types of companies are:

    • Law Enforcement, First Responders
    • Mining Companies
    • Airlines and Airports
    • Marinas and Shipping Companies
    • Distribution and Shipping Companies
    • Factories and Office Buildings
    • Home Inspectors and Real Estate Agents
    • HVAC Technicians, Plumbers, Electricians
    • Marketing, Promotional Companies
    • Manufacturers
    • Magazine and Other Publishers
    • Charitable Organizations
    • Hospitals, Schools, Churches, Auditoriums, Public Facilities, etc.
    • Government and Military Installations
    • Restaurants

  3. What are the detectors made of? - The detectors are made of high-impact plastic. The carbon monoxide sensor is made of impregnated silica reagent, which has an orange-reddish color.

  4. How do the detectors work? - This device is a passive carbon monoxide detector. This means that it has no alarm function, requires no power and must be seen to determine whether carbon monoxide is present in the area. The presence of carbon monoxide will cause the impregnated silica reagent, in the center of the detector, to change color from orange-red to red-brown and then to gray-black as the concentration levels increase. Once the detector is exposed to fresh air it will return back to orange-red and may be reused.

    It can detect as little as 100 parts per million (ppm) carbon monoxide gas at an approximate relative humidity range of 33 to 50%. If the humidity is very high it can detect concentrations as low as 20ppm.

    The detector will be inactivated and damaged by the presence of halogens (iodine, chlorine, bromine), and ammoniac or nitrous gases. Persons with cats may not be able to use the detector due to the presence of ammonia in the air from the cat litter box.

  5. Why purchase custom imprinted promotional carbon monoxide detectors?

    1. Puts your company name and contact information in front of your prospects.
    2. May save a life by indicating to your customers that carbon monoxide is present.
    3. Serves as an ice-breaker to contact the prospect every 90 days.
    4. Detector is a high visibility promotional item that allows other potential prospects to see your company name.
    5. Serves as a conversation starter.
    6. Adds value to your prospects and customers because you are providing your company info on a useful safety device.
TOP The following products are recommended for use with the Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge. Also, consider purchasing pre-printed carbon monoxide detectors in bulk (Model# cP1-bulk). Significant quantity discounts apply. TOP


Carbon Monoxide Detector Badges can be used in a variety of ways as shown below:
  • Give them away at industry shows and other marketing events.
  • Give them to customers after a service has been completed.
  • If your employees work in an environment where they may be exposed to carbon monoxide, the detectors should be coupled with the badge clamp, shown above, for them to wear on their shirts, blouses, etc. Examples of such environments are mines, airports, garages, refineries, factories.
  • Attach detectors to propane, natural gas and gasoline powered forklifts, generators and other equipment.
  • HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, home inspectors or anyone who works in residential and commercial buildings that contain natural or propane gas appliances should always carry detectors.
  • Attach them to marketing letters and post cards to mail to prospective customers.
  • Organizations can use them in fund-raising activities, such as a free gift for a donation.
  • The detectors are an inexpensive and useful item for "buy an item and get a free CO detector" promotions.
  • Send them with thank you cards to customers after a sale or service has been completed.
  • Send them to subscribers as a thank you for subscribing or renewing.
  • Give them to members, associates or affiliates.
  • Make sure employees have them in their homes and vehicles.
  • Donate them to schools, hospitals, churches and other not for profit organizations. Use press releases to advertise these good works sponsored by your company.
  • Bundle them with products you sell that use gasoline, propane or natural gas.
  • Have them Custom Imprinted and hand them out like business cards.


Visit the Blog to read Carbon Monoxide Detector Badges Can Save Lives. and learn how to enhance workplace safety.


View user instructions for the passive carbon monoxide detector.


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