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HSI Carbon Monoxide Alarm Testing Kit (CAT-KIT)

Model #: CAT-KIT

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No Longer Available
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Home Safeguard's completely self-contained Carbon Monoxide test kit, Model #: CAT-KIT is supplied with everything you need to perform routine functional testing of your CO Detectors while they remain in place, whether they are wall or ceiling mounted; battery powered or hard-wired.

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  • Light weight - weighs less than 1pound.
  • Aerosol can contains 2800ppm of Carbon Monoxide GWP of less than 1 (.016)
  • CoCheck and the CaT Kit are uL classified
  • The top cover of package is your enclosed delivery tool
  • 100% Natural, contains only materials found in the air we breathe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in USA, patent pending

IMPORTANT: When opening package be careful not to rip, or cut the top cover. This cover is intended to become the enclosure for the test.

Kit includes:

  • can COCheck aerosol
  • extension straw
  • Testing enclosure
  • Testing instructions

Manufacturer's INSTRUCTIONS:

This test kit is intended for functional testing of Carbon Monoxide Detectors, battery operated or hardwired.

  1. When opening package, do not rip or cut top cover. This cover will be used as the testing enclosure (device). Set cover aside.
  2. Remove cap from the can and insert attached straw into the push button (actuator).
  3. Take reserved cover and place over CO Alarm on wall. *Low tack tape will hold cover in place.
  4. Insert open end of straw, (while attached to can) into are marked with an "X" cut-out.
  5. Spray entire contents of can thru the straw into the enclosure.
  6. Most properly functioning alarms should sound with 10-25 seconds.
    NOTE: Some alarms are set for longer saturation testing. This could take from 90 seconds to 5 minutes)

After completion of test, the remaining carbon monoxide within the test device cover, is of a low concentration. It is not dangerous and will dissipate in a matter of moments. Dispose of cover and empty can in non-recyclable refuse container.


Download MSDS for CO Check Carbon Monoxide Gas Download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

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