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Indoor Air Quality Monitor Logger (PM-1063SD) Measure PM2.5, Temp & RH

Model #: PM-1063SD

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Category: Air Quality - IAQ

Lutron Data Logging Indoor Quality Monitor, measures PM2.5, humidity and temperature

PM2.5 refers to atmospheric particulate matter (PM) that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers.

  • Monitor air pollution from dust, petrochemical industry, steel-making plant, thermal power plant, restaurant, pollution, automobiles etc.
  • Real-time air quality monitor instrument used to monitor the concentration of PM2.5, humidity and temperature in the indoor environment.
  • PM2.5: 0 to 250 microns g/m3.
  • Humidity: 5 to 95 %RH.
  • Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50° C).
  • °F or °C selectable.
  • PM2.5 time weighted average reading.
  • Data hold, Record (Max & Min).
  • Alarm setting with audible alert.
  • Health index (0-9) detection and alarm.
  • Built-in clock and Calendar, real time data record with SD memory card, sampling time can be set from 1 second to 3600 seconds. Insert the SD card into the computer, all the measured values with the time information ( year, month, data, hour, minute, second ) can be downloaded to the Excel directly, then user can make the further data analysis by themselves.
  • Manual data recording is available (user can set the different locations from 1 to 99).
  • SD card capacity: 1GB to 32GB.
  • Dot matrix LCD display.
  • Power by UM3/AA(1.5V) X 6 batteries or DC 9V adapter.
  • Alarm Output:
    • Open collector output.
    • Input impedance: 330 ohms.
    • Maximum applied voltage: 24 vDC
    • Maximum starting current: 70 mA DC
  • Power Current: approximately 122 mA DC (with Backlight ON approximately 142 mA DC).
  • RS232/USB PC computer interface.
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50° C).
    NOTE most batteries are not rated for below -4° F or above 125° F.
  • Operating Humidity: less than 80% RH.
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.7" x 2.8" (164x93x72mm) HxWxD.
  • Weight: 13 ounces (362 g) 0.8 LB.

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Link to the technical data sheet that is provided for Lutron PM-1063SD

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Product 3 of 11
Category: Air Quality - IAQ
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