Infrared Portable Motion Alarm (HS5300) Digital Keypad 105dB Siren

Model #: HS5300
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Category Safety and Security
Portable Motion Sensor Activated Alarm (HS5300) with a 105dB Siren. Comes with Window and Door Warning Decals. This motion sensitive burglar alarm installs in seconds without wiring. Ideal for home, apartment, or hotel room, camper, pickup truck bed, wet paint alert, RVs or boats and more. Detects motion up to 50 feet (15m) away and sounds alarm or chime. Arms or disarms with your own personal code. Use this for a secure zone in any room.
  • 90 motion sensor is adjustable for optimum sensitivity
  • Selectable entry delay: 5 seconds, 10 seconds or 15 seconds
  • Adjustable alarm duration time: 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 90 seconds
  • Select between 2 sounds
    • LOUD 105 decibel siren
    • Chime tone
  • Has an "Emergency Panic Button"
  • Keypad with selectable personal security code
  • Portable - Place on wall, floor or table
  • Low battery indicator
  • Intrusion memory indicator
  • When you disarm the unit, the LED flashes three times, indicating an intrusion during your absence.
  • 90 day limited warranty
  • Power: 9v battery (not included) or optional power adapter {9 Volt DC >200mA AC Adaptor (not included) with a 3.5mm diameter male plug, center positive (+)}

Unit is not weather proof. Do not install the alarm where it will be exposed to direct sunlight or rain.

Supplied with:

  • Instructions
  • Door and window warning decals
  • Wall anchors & screws (wall mounting hardware)
  • 90 day limited manufacturer's warranty

Download User Manual (PDF format)

NOTE: When you first install the battery, the initial security code set by the factory is "0-0-0". You can program your own security code (up to 6 digits). If more than 6 digits are entered, you will hear an error tone.

  • To change an existing code to a new code:
    • Enter the old code number (0-0-0 is factory preset)
    • Press the "PROG" button
    • Enter your new security code (1 to 6 digits)
    • Press the "PROG" button again
  • To program the alarm duration time:
    • Press the "PROG" button
    • Press either 1, 2 or 3 for different timing:
      1 = 30 seconds alarm - 2 cycles, 30 seconds rest in between (preset timing)
      2 = 60 seconds alarm - 2 cycles, 30 seconds rest in between
      3 = 90 seconds alarm - 2 cycles, 60 seconds rest in between
  • To program the entry delay timing:
    • Press the "PROG" button
    • Press either 7, 8 or 9 for different timing:
      7 = 15 seconds delay (preset timing)
      8 = 10 seconds delay
      9 = 5 seconds delay

NOTE: Programming can only be performed in the "Disarm" mode. When the unit is in "Arm" mode, no programming is allowed for added protection.


  • To arm the unit:
    • Enter your security code (or "0-0-0" if you did not change the code)
    • Press "ARM." You will hear three short beeps to confirm the unit is armed

    NOTE: Be sure to switch off the chime switch before arming. There will be a 60 second exit
    delay after arming the unit.

  • To disarm the unit:
    • Enter your security code
    • Press "DISARM", you will hear one long beep to confirm the product is disarmed
    • Chime on/off:
      • Slide the chime switch to "ON"
      • Wait 60 seconds for the sensor to warm up. Then, when motion is detected, the product will sound the chime
      • Slide the switch to "OFF" to turn the chime function off

      NOTE: When the sensor alarm is in "Arm" mode, the chime will not function

  • Panic button:
    • Press the "PANIC" button to trigger the alarm immediately for 30 seconds
    • To stop the alarm, enter your security code and press "DISARM"
UPC: 042741053006
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