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Kane May 940 Combustion Analyzer (KM940CON) O2, CO and NO1

Model #: KM940CON

Condition: New

This item is No Longer Available

No Longer Available


Upgraded to Model # K945: Link for replacement item

The following links, images and information remain available for informational purposes only.

  • Measures CO, O2, Inlet & Flue Temperature, Differential Pressure (draft)
  • Calculates NOX, Efficiency, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Losses, Excess Air, CO/CO2, Poison Index, Net Temperature Differential
  • High suction double-headed diaphragm pump (can be used in flues with suction over 100 mbar without compromising accuracy)
  • Installed memory can store up to 150 readings and can transfer data to a printer or PC (via Infra-red printer link)
  • The printout displays the time and date of each measurement as well as personalized information such as company name and telephone number
  • Long life rechargeable battery & Large 4 line display
  • Optionally, it can also measure either NO2 or SO2 sensors with different measuring ranges

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