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LEAD in Paint Test Kit 0.05-1.2 mg/cm2 (487925-V) 25 Tests Per Kit

Model #: 487925-V

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LEADQuick™ Paint Home Lead Visual Test Kit is accurate home visual test screens for lead in paint. The kit includes 25 tests with the following levels of detection: 0.05, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 mg/cm2

Lead from the paint sample is first solubilized to Pb2+ by the addition of the Pb-1 Paint reagent and a two minute wait step. Then Pb-2 Buffer is added to make the solution alkali (pH between 9.0 & 1O.O). The eXact® Strip Pb-3 adds the porphyrin indicator, which reacts with any Lead present to form a green color. A red color indicates the lead concentration is below detection level.

  • 5 small polystyrene tubes
  • 1 eXact® reagant PB-1 paint (dropper bottle)
  • 1 eXact® reagant PB-2 (dropper bottle)
  • 1 eXact® strip PB-3 (bottle of 25 strips)
  • 1 eXact® strip PB-4 (bottle of 25 strips)
  • 1 eXact® strip PB-5 (bottle of 25 strips)
  • Color chart
  • Instruction manual

When Lead Chromate is suspected, you will need Chromium (Chromate) Strips part number 480047

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Product 15 of 15
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