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LED & Xenon Flashlight (EFL03) Hand Torch

Model #: EFL03

Condition: New

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No Longer Available
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3 in 1 Bright LED & Xenon Flashlight (EFL03) Hand Torch


  • bright LED light
  • xenon lamp (2x brighter than standard bulbs)
  • battery power indicator
  • can be used as area light or hand-held torch
  • antiskid rubber handle
  • handy carrying strap
  • 3 operating modes: 3 LEDs on / 6 LEDs on / xenon on


  • bulb type:
    • LED: 9 x white LED (Ø 5mm)
    • halogen: 3.6V 0.5A xenon
  • power supply: 4 x AAA batteries (incl.)

What our customers say...

Greetings, The 3-in-1 I ordered arrived last evening. I am amazed at the improvements you folks have made. The new light is smaller, lighter and far better than the older one I have. The new three LED front light is actually brighter than when all six of the older model LEDs were on and the ones downs the side give off about 4X the light as the tube on the old light. I have always had some frustration with the old version as the tube would not always light up on the second press of the switch. Would you please send me the link where I can purchase multiple copies of this new light so we can be prepared in the event of another power outage.

Rated by Daniel D.
Product 14 of 14
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