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Lutron Probe Extension Cable (EXCB-05) 16.5' Cable

Model #: EXCB-05

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Category: Probes & Leads

Lutron EXCB-05 16.5' Probe Extension Cable (5 Meters)

Lutron EXCB-05 is a probe extension cable that is 16.5 feet long (5 meters) that is recommended for the following models:

  1. Dissolved oxygen meters:
    DO-5510, DO-5510HA, DO-5512SD, DO-5519, DO-5519E, PDO-520, YK-22DOA, BDO-5513SD.
  2. Humidity meters:
    HD-3008, HT-3007SD, HT-3015, HT-3015HA, HT-3017, HT-3027SD, HT-305, HT-305E, HT-306S, HT-315, MS-7011, MS-7012SD, MY-91HT, YK-90HT.
  3. Light meters:
    LX-105, LX-107HA, LX-1128SD, LX-1148SD, LX-114S, LX-107.
  4. UV Light meters:
    UVA-365A, UVC-254A, UVA-365SD, UVC-254SD, YK-35UV, YK-37UVSD.
  5. Cup Anemometer : AM-4257SD.
  6. Vane Anemometers :
    AM-4203, AM-4203HA, AM-4206, AM-4206M, AM-4207SD, AM-4237SD, AM-4307SD, AM-4247SD, MY-81AP, YK-80AM, YK-80AP.
  7. Others :
    CC-421, CC-422, CC-423, CO2-9904SD, CO2-9914SD, COH-9902SD, EMF-828, EMF-8218SD, GC-2028, GCH-2018, GCO-2008, AQ-9901SD, GU-3001, MCH-383SD,MG-3002, MG-3003SD, O2-9903SD, PS-9302, PS-9303SD, SPM-1116SD, TM-9017SD, TM-9027SD, TM-907A, TM-917, TM-917HA, TM-936,TQ-8800, VC-9200, VC-9210SD, WA-2017SD ( DO probe ), WAC-2019SD ( DO probe ),
    YK-2001PHA ( DO probe ), AQ-9912SD.

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Product 37 of 44
Category: Probes & Leads
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