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  Model: MeterApp (for Android)
Model: OneMeterApp (for Android)
Model: SCALE-U002 (Software for scales GM-500 / GM-5000)
Model: SW-808 (Software for 4 Lutron's meters - data logging system / data recorder)
Model: SW-818 (Network Data Acquisition Software)
Model: SW-9960 (Software for Multimeter DM-9960)
Model: SW-D003-WINCD (Software for Data Logger DL-9601)
Model: SW-D009 (Software for Data Logger DL-9601A)
Model: SW-DL2005 (Software for YK-2005 Series products)
Model: SW-E2005 (Excel Data Transmission Software)
Model: SW-E802 (Excel Data Acquisition Software)
Model: SW-E803 (Excel Data Transmission Software for LCR-9183 and LCR-9184)
Model: SW-RGB1001XP (Windows XP version for RGB Color Analyzer RGB-1001)
Model: SW-RGB100198 (Windows 98 version for RGB Color Analyzer RGB-1001)
Model: SW-U101-WIN (Single-display Data Acquisition Software)
Model: SW-U801-WIN (Multi-display Data Acquisition Software)
Model: USB cable driver (USB cable USB-01 is suitable for all Lutron's products that
@@@are provided with a RS-232 output function)

  To get the password for software update, please use the barcode/serial number and
e-mail address as registration information and send them to our mailbox directly.

* The barcode number can be found on software's CD box or operation manual.
* The serial number can be found on the back side of the product.
* The password is valid for 24 hours only.
Please make the setting in your browser directly ! Please make the setting in your brwoser directly !