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D D 3 phase rotation, motor testers
D ACA leakage meters D Adapters for DMMs & Clamps
D Air quality meter D Altitude meter
D Anemometers (heavy duty probe) D Anemometers (Hot wire, Pitot tube)
D Anemometers (vane type) D App (for Android, IOS)
D Barometer D Bench meters (ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA,
pH/ORP, Oxygen, Conductivity/TDS)
D Cable checker/Cable identifier D Calibrator, Simulator, Checker
D Caliper D Capacitance decade box
D Capacitance meters D Car testers, Automotive testers
D Carrying case & holsters D Chlorine meter
D Clamp meters (DCA, ACA) D Clamp meters (Power clamp)
D CO meter D CO2 meter
D Color analyzer D Conductivity meters, TDS meters
D Controllers (Alarm/Monitor), full line D Data loggers
D DMM, Mulitimeter D Earth tester
D Education products D Electromagnetic field testers, EMF testers
(Low frequency)
D Electromagnetic field testers, EMF testers
(Radio frequency)
D Electrostatic field meter
D Environment meter D Force gauges, Force gauge test stand
D Fork current (AC/DC) tester D Formaldehyde meter
D Frequency counters (handheld / Bench type) D Frequency monitors (Line frequency)
D Fruit hardness tester D Function generator
D GSM Control System D Heat index WBGT meter
D Humidity Transmitters D Humidity/Temp./Dew point meter (Hygrometers)
D Inductance decade box D Inductive pick up sensor
D Insulation testers D LCR meters
D Light meters (Lux meters) D Magnetic meter
D Manometers D Micro wave leakage detector
D Milliohm meters D Moisture meters (wood, concrete, timber,
paper, gypsumK)
D Monitor/Data recorder D Negative ion water tester (Akaline ion
water tester)
D O2 meter D ORP meters, ORP electrodes
D Oxygen meters (Dissolved Oxygen meters) D Panel meters (V, A, RPM, Hz, Temp.)
D pH electrodes D pH meters
D Photo sensor (Photo interrupter) D Power adapter
D Power analyzers, Watt meters D Pressure meters
D Pressure sensor D Pressure transducers, Pressure transmitters
D Proximity sensor D RCCB tester (Residual current breaker tester)
D Recorder / Data recorder D Resistance Decade Box
D RS-232 Converter, Controller/Monitor D Salt meter
D Scales, Balances D Sensors, Probes, Electrodes
D Simulator, Calibrators, Checker D Software (data acquisition, data logger)
D Solar power meter D Sound level meters
D Stroboscopes D Tachometers (photo, contact, laser)
D TDS (Total dissolved solids) meters D Temperature probes
D Tester leads, Alligators, clips, RS232 cable,
USB cable, power adaptor
D Thermometers (Infrared, no contact
D Thermometers (Pen type) D Thermometers (PT 100 ohm, PT 1000 ohm)
D Thermometers (Thermocouple) D Torque meters, Torque wrench
D Transmitters, full line D Turbidity meter
D Ultrasonic Leakage Detector,
Ultrasonic transmitter
D USB memory stick data recorder
D USB power to DC 9V converter D UV light meters (UVA, UVC)
D Vacuum meter D Vibration meters
D Voltmeter modules D Water quality meters (Pure water tester)
D Water resistant bag D Watt meters (Power Analyzer)
D Weather/Sport meters D Wi-Fi Converter
 Lutron Catalog 2017A

Lutron Catalog 2017B
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