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ĦD ĦD 3 phase rotation, motor testers
ĦD ACA leakage meters ĦD Adapters for DMMs & Clamps
ĦD Air quality meter ĦD Altitude meter
ĦD Anemometers (heavy duty probe) ĦD Anemometers (Hot wire, Pitot tube)
ĦD Anemometers (vane type) ĦD App (for Android, IOS)
ĦD Barometer ĦD Bench meters (ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA,
pH/ORP, Oxygen, Conductivity/TDS)
ĦD Cable checker/Cable identifier ĦD Calibrator, Simulator, Checker
ĦD Caliper ĦD Capacitance decade box
ĦD Capacitance meters ĦD Car testers, Automotive testers
ĦD Carrying case & holsters ĦD Chlorine meter
ĦD Clamp meters (DCA, ACA) ĦD Clamp meters (Power clamp)
ĦD CO meter ĦD CO2 meter
ĦD Color analyzer ĦD Conductivity meters, TDS meters
ĦD Controllers (Alarm/Monitor), full line ĦD Data loggers
ĦD DMM, Mulitimeter ĦD Earth tester
ĦD Education products ĦD Electromagnetic field testers, EMF testers
(Low frequency)
ĦD Electromagnetic field testers, EMF testers
(Radio frequency)
ĦD Electrostatic field meter
ĦD Environment meter ĦD Force gauges, Force gauge test stand
ĦD Fork current (AC/DC) tester ĦD Formaldehyde meter
ĦD Frequency counters (handheld / Bench type) ĦD Frequency monitors (Line frequency)
ĦD Fruit hardness tester ĦD Function generator
ĦD GSM Control System ĦD Heat index WBGT meter
ĦD Humidity Transmitters ĦD Humidity/Temp./Dew point meter (Hygrometers)
ĦD Inductance decade box ĦD Inductive pick up sensor
ĦD Insulation testers ĦD LCR meters
ĦD Light meters (Lux meters) ĦD Magnetic meter
ĦD Manometers ĦD Micro wave leakage detector
ĦD Milliohm meters ĦD Moisture meters (wood, concrete, timber,
paper, gypsumĦK)
ĦD Monitor/Data recorder ĦD Negative ion water tester (Akaline ion
water tester)
ĦD O2 meter ĦD ORP meters, ORP electrodes
ĦD Oxygen meters (Dissolved Oxygen meters) ĦD Panel meters (V, A, RPM, Hz, Temp.)
ĦD pH electrodes ĦD pH meters
ĦD Photo sensor (Photo interrupter) ĦD Power adapter
ĦD Power analyzers, Watt meters ĦD Pressure meters
ĦD Pressure sensor ĦD Pressure transducers, Pressure transmitters
ĦD Proximity sensor ĦD RCCB tester (Residual current breaker tester)
ĦD Recorder / Data recorder ĦD Resistance Decade Box
ĦD RS-232 Converter, Controller/Monitor ĦD Salt meter
ĦD Scales, Balances ĦD Sensors, Probes, Electrodes
ĦD Simulator, Calibrators, Checker ĦD Software (data acquisition, data logger)
ĦD Solar power meter ĦD Sound level meters
ĦD Stroboscopes ĦD Tachometers (photo, contact, laser)
ĦD TDS (Total dissolved solids) meters ĦD Temperature probes
ĦD Tester leads, Alligators, clips, RS232 cable,
USB cable, power adaptor
ĦD Thermometers (Infrared, no contact
ĦD Thermometers (Pen type) ĦD Thermometers (PT 100 ohm, PT 1000 ohm)
ĦD Thermometers (Thermocouple) ĦD Torque meters, Torque wrench
ĦD Transmitters, full line ĦD Turbidity meter
ĦD Ultrasonic Leakage Detector,
Ultrasonic transmitter
ĦD USB memory stick data recorder
ĦD USB power to DC 9V converter ĦD UV light meters (UVA, UVC)
ĦD Vacuum meter ĦD Vibration meters
ĦD Voltmeter modules ĦD Water quality meters (Pure water tester)
ĦD Water resistant bag ĦD Watt meters (Power Analyzer)
ĦD Weather/Sport meters ĦD Wi-Fi Converter
 Lutron Catalog 2017A

Lutron Catalog 2017B
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