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Magnet Alnico Pot Type 18 lb. 1-1/16" dia (GT-374C) 1/4" Hole

Model #: 374C

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Category: Tools and Hardware

Our industrial grade Alnico (Aluminum/Nickel/Cobalt) Magnets are built for heavy duty use and will not naturally demagnetize over time like other magnets. They are handy in a plethora of applications and work settings. Pot Type Alnico Magnets feature a solid bottom with a brass insulating ring, delivering unusually strong and focused magnetism.

  • 1 1/16" diameter Alnico magnet with 18 lb. pull capacity
  • Pot type magnets deliver pulling power of much larger magnets
  • Solid base with brass insulating ring for focused energy
  • Useful in a number of lifting, holding, sorting, clamping and retrieving applications
  • Industrial grade
  • Alnico magnets will not demagnetize and are not susceptible to heat
  • 1/4” x 20 center-drilled and threaded hole for attaching rods and fasteners
  • Overall height: 1”
  • Weight: 12oz.
Product 2 of 7
Category: Tools and Hardware
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