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Magnifier Binocular 2.25x (950-5) Focal Length 8"

Model #: 950-5

UPC: 0038728437341

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Category: Magnifying Glasses
Inspection mirrors facilitate inspection of inaccessible work pieces and machines by toolmakers, assemblers, inspectors and mechanics. Fully polished mirrors are enclosed in plated holders which are attached to knurled handles with ball and socket joints. Telescoping arms and vinyl cushion grip handles are offered on some mirrors.


  • All lenses are interchangeable and replaceable
  • For assemblers and inspectors of electronic and other small or subminiature parts, toolmakers, jewelers and engravers
  • Extra auxiliary lens may be attached to either side of lens plate for added power
  • Leaves hands free to work
  • Ground and polished optical lenses eliminate eyestrain
  • Tilt-up lens frame
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • AL950 auxiliary lens not included; sold separately
  • Focal length: 8"

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Product 18 of 18
Category: Magnifying Glasses
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