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Micro Powder Puff Test Smoke (FP202) Medium Velocity Squeeze Bottle

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FP202 Test Smoke Micro Powder Puff in a Medium Velocity Squeeze Bottle

Bjornax low velocity Micro Powder-Puffer contains very fine micronized Silica and pulverized Calcium Carbonate powder. When the bottle is squeezed, the mixture is released into the air, forming a plume of realistic floating powder smoke. The Micro Powder-Puffer is used for checking draft in fume hoods, visual air balancing, testing of air purifying equipment etc. Eco-friendly and non-toxic smoke and dispensing system that provides a realistic, lighter than air smoke.

Unlike our smoke emitters, FP-Smoke requires no ignition source or flame to initiate the smoke. FP-Smoke provides a smoke that looks and reacts just as our successful smoke emitters, in a reliable and simple dispensing system. A small squeeze provides enough smoke for draft detection or negative pressure around a door, multiple pumps can provide more than 140 cubic feet or more of realistic smoke.

Content: Powder.
Smoke Color: white.
Weight: 20 grams.
Size: 135 x 34 mm.
Smoke type: medium velocity.

Download MSDS for FP Smoke(PDF format)

Other applications include: Energy Saving Tests, Duct Testing, Draft Testing, Safety Specialists, Negative Pressure Rooms,Positive Pressure Rooms, Stage and Screen Effects, Photographic Effects, Air Balancing Professionals, Air Filtration Testing, Dust Removal Systems, Fire and Smoke Alarm Tests, Poultry and Livestock, K-9 Training, Electronic Air Filters, Asbestos Abatement, Radon Abatement, Risk Management Specialist and Waste Treatment Systems. Leak Detection in Cargo Trailers, Cargo Containers, Recreational Vehicles, Ventilation Systems, Tanks and Piping. Flow Tests: Gas installations, Exhaust ventilation, Kitchen Hoods, Heat Exchangers, Fume Hoods and Exhaust Fans.

FP Powder Puff Trace Smoke

Download MSDS for FP Smoke (PDF format)

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