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Open Delivery Non-Conductive Test Head (VT-N30-2)

Model #: VT-N30-2

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Non-Conductive Open Delivery Test Head (VT-N30-2)

  • Non-Conductive, withstands electrical current to 50,000 volts.
  • Test head will attach to all HSI Versa Test Pole Extensions.
  • Designed with Safety in Mind.
  • Simple actuation by pressing up on the pole.
  • Open Delivery Testing simulates the rising effect of real smoke associated with fire.
  • Fits can sizes from 1.5" to 2.5" diameter.
  • Certified to work with 25S Smoke Check, Smoke Detector Tester, PurCheck 30s Non-Flammable Smoke Detector Tester or DUS-97 Push Button Air Duster
  • Dimensions: 9.25" x 4" (3" diameter actuator head)
  • Weight: approximately 17oz with full can of Smoke Check
  • Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

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