Battery Charger: For NiCd/NiMH AA & AAA (VL2000HU) w/Batteries


  • Delta-V detection prevents overcharging
  • Refresh function: allows partial recovery of the capacity of low-energy Ni-Cd batteries
  • Can charge 2 or 4 AA and AAA NiCd/ NiMH cells
  • Function switch with 3 positions: loading 2 batteries / refresh / loading 4 batteries
  • Red/yellow/green LED indication for charge and discharge function and yellow LED for refresh function


  • Ratings charger/discharger:
    • primary voltage input for charger: 12V-13.8V DC
  • Secondary voltage/current over 2 or 4 batteries:
    • AA size: 2.8-3V / 5.6-6V at max. 800mA constant current
    • AAA size: 2.8-3V / 5.6-6V at max. 300mA constant current
  • Max. power dissipation: 4.48VA

Supplied with:

  • (4) AA NiMH 200mA rechargeable batteries
  • 110/120vAC to 12vDC 500mA power adapter
  • Cigarette lighter plug for use in car, boat and caravan

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