Smoke Detector Cleaner 10oz Dust Air (DUS97-10) Trigger Spray
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10 ounce Trigger Spray Can. Perfect for cleaning smoke detectors and electronic equipment. Push button Duster is designed to be used with Open and Enclosed Delivery Test Head. Cleans smoke detectors while installed in place.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Dust Air Detector Cleaner Click to view MSDS (PDF format - will open in new window)

Note: The can will begin to cool after 4 to 6 of these 2-3 second bursts, and there will be a corresponding drop in efficiency. Therefore, if any number of smoke detectors need to be cleaned, you should have 3 cans of DUSTAIR™ to alternate, allowing the idle cans to warm to normal. Running warm water on the cans (or even body heat) will accelerate the process.

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