Vapormat 1.25' x 45' x 0.8" Thick Vapor Barrier (66106) Channeling Mat
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0.8" thick VAPORMAT™ Radon & Moisture Mitigation Channeling Systems can be used for easy-to-install, time-saving drainage and air flow beneath the vapor barrier.

Radon Tee and Vapormat image

Used to collect radon, moisture and other toxic vapors coming from the soil around a house or building and direct them toward an exhaust stack, which leads them safely out through the roof.
It works effectively as part of a passive soil depressurization system (PSD) or a fan can be added to the exhaust stack for an active soil depressurization system (ASD).

  • Size: 1.25' x 45' x 0.8" thick
  • Reduces radon, moisture and other toxic vapor levels in the living space of a home
  • Reduces the potential for mold and mildew problems
  • Maintains air flow communication across grade beams, downturns, footers and distant corners
  • Reduces the need for an exhaust fan or basement humidifier reducing lifetime energy costs
  • Easy installation, saving time and money over other options
  • Complies with building codes: IRC Appendix F, RRNC 2.0 and ASTM E-1465
  • LEED v4 Building Design and Construction Materials and Resource Credit 3 (1-2 Points)
  • Greater than 40% recycled pre-consumer material
  • Manufactured in USA

0.4" thickness also available in rolls that are 4' (48") wide x 50' (600") long, follow link to Item #66105

Optional add-on items:

  • Vapormat 11 gauge Steel 6" x 1" Staples (66107) 500 Per Box.
  • Vapor Barrier Tape 4" x 108' (68017) Black 10mil.
  • Vapor Barrier Tape 4" x 108' (68066) White 9mil.
  • White Eternabond Leak Repair Tape (68086) Double Sided 2x50.
  • Vapor Barrier x-Mas Tree Fasteners .250"x.80" (27055) 100 Pack.

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