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Radon Gas in Water Test Kit (rn-h2o25) 25 Pack Lab Fees Included

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(25) Radon in water glass test vials (bulk packed)

LAB FEES INCLUDED IN PRICES. Do-it-yourself testkit includes: boro-silicate glass collection vial, with a Teflon-faced silicone septa insert, easy to follow (illustrated) instructions & a pre-addressed return shipping package.

In the laboratory, a measured aliquot of the water sample is mixed with scintillation cocktail in a glass test vial. Radon preferentially dissolves into the cocktail over period of several hours. The vial is then placed in a shielded chamber for counting. Alpha particles emitted by the breakdown products of Radon create scintillations, or flashes of light, in the cocktail.

A photo-multiplier tube detects these scintillation's, the signal is electronically enhanced and the effect of the alpha particles are counted. Background counts are subtracted and the net counts are entered into a formula with other relevant data yielding quantitative results stated in picoCuries per Liter (pCi/L).

EPA CERTIFIED lab results are available online within 24-36 hours of receiving them back in our lab - click here for results.

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