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Radon Gas Short-Term Test Kit (rn-CAN3) Fees & Postage Included

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Short-Term Radon Gas Test Kit. LabFees & (1) US Pre-Paid Return Envelope Included.

Do-it-yourself kit will include: (3) short-term radon in air (48-96 hour exposure period), 4" radon test canisters, (1) pre-paid US Priority Flat Rate Envelope & easy to follow instructions.  

  •  Extremely accurate and easy to use!
  • Quick and reliable lab results are included in price.
  • Lab results are available online within the next business day of receiving them back in our lab.
  • Inspect USA recommends using 3 canisters per average dwelling.

For short-term radon measurements with exposure times between 48 hours and 96 hours. Each canister is given a unique bar-coded identification number. A measurement is initiated by removing the lid to allow radon-laden air to diffuse into the charcoal packet where the radon is adsorbed. A polyethylene foam plug ensures passive diffusion, preventing distortions caused by drafts and air currents. At the end of the exposure (48 to 96 hours), the device is resealed securely and returned to our lab for analysis.

Supplied with:

  • (3) 4" round radon gas test canisters.
  • Testing Instructions / Information Form.
  • (1) Pre-paid US Priority Flate Rate mailer.
  • Laboratory results.

Not For New Jersey

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