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Radon Test Alpha Track Long Term 91-365, Days (rn-AT-100) 100 pack

Model #: rn-AT-100

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(100 pack) Alpha Long Term Radon Test Kits (bulk) (3 to 12 month test period)


Detector is composed of a sealed plastic chamber which holds a specially manufactured plastic chip called CR-39. Radon enters the chamber through a seam around the circumference of the device, preventing dust and other particles from entering. Each detector has a unique serial number for tracking and satisfies chain of custody requirements.

After choosing an appropriate testing location, the detector is removed from its pouch to begin exposure. As radon gas diffuses into the chamber, it begins radioactive decay. Alpha particle emissions make "tracks" or etchings on the plastic chip in the chamber. After an exposure period of three months to one year, the detector is placed back in the pouch and returned to the laboratory for analysis by etching and magnified image track counting.

Results within 2-3 weeks. EPA CERTIFIED!

NJ Testing: Call for fees & licensing requirements.

Remember when ordering, this is 100 pack - quantities below are x's 100

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