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RadonAway Fan Muffler 3inch PVC Schedule 40 (24003) White

Model #: 24003

Condition: New


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RadonAway White PVC 3" Schedule 40 Muffler
  • Lined with 1/2" foam
  • Length: 13.75"

What our customers say...

This muffler did the trick and thank goodness! My radon system is now so much quieter! My issue was I have a stronger radon fan and the noise of the fan was reverberating up the pipe of an exterior wall and out the top. This loud hum was easily heard from inside the house and by the neighbors next door. This muffler deadened that obnoxious noise and now all I hear is the soft whir of the fan which I can handle.

Rated by Nelly Higginbotham
Product 19 of 66
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