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RadonAway Mitigation System Alarm (RSA1) Vacuum Sensing

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RadonAway RSA1 Radon System Alarm, Vacuum Sensing with Visual and Audible Alerts

  • Can be used on 2", 3", 4", 6" Pipe or on a Flat Surface.
  • Battery operated (included).
  • Visual and Audible Indicators.
  • Alarm and Service Delay Functions.
  • Silent and Test Buttons.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Complies with the current ANSI/AARST Radon Mitigation Standards.


  • Sensing Mode (Normal Operation): Sensing light blinks at 60 second intervals (3 flashes).
  • Test Mode: Audible "beep" sounds and all lights illuminate when "Test" button is pressed.
  • Pre-Alarm / Alarm Mode: Triggered by a greater than 90% reduction in pressure. After 48 hours (pre-alarm interval), monitor beeps and alarm light flashes- then no light or beep for 60 seconds- then repeat until "Hush" is pressed or system is serviced.
  • Hush Mode: Stops alarm or service mode sound for 7 days but visual indicator remains as programmed; after 7 days returns to sensing mode, alarm mode (with sound) or service mode (with sound).
  • Low Battery Mode: Battery voltage drops below 3.3V; 1 "chirp" and willl simultaneous flash at 5 minute intervals; then stops for 5 minutes; then repeats until battery drains or new battery installed.
  • Service Mode: If 3 pre-alarm conditions occur within a 48 hour time period, monitor beeps and alarm light flashes then no light or beep for 60 seconds, then repeats until "Hush" is pressed or system is serviced.

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