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Refractometer Brix 28-62%, REF114ATC Fruits & Sugar Solutions

Model #: REF114ATC

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Refractometer: Brix 28 to 62% (REF114ATC) with ATC

Applications include concentrated fruit juices, canned goods and high sugar solutions.

  • Range: 28 to 62%
  • Resolution: 0.2%
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Metal body
  • Rubber hand grip blocks hand heat
  • Calibration screen
  • Cushioned rubber eyepiece
  • Non-roll stand
  • Prism mounted in high impact plastic

Supplied With:

  • Plastic pipette
  • Carrying case
  • Calibration screwdriver
A refractometer is an instrument that measures the concentration of an aqueous solution by measuring its refractive index. All water-based solutions can make light bend. The bending of light increases at a rate proportional to the increasing solution concentration. The hand held refractometer is a precise optical instrument. Its characteristics are small, light, take only a few drops of solution to use and is very user friendly. Refractometers are used throughout the food, agriculture, chemical and manufacturing industries.

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