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Refrigerant Leak Detector UEI Agent1 (RLD15B) with Goose Neck Probe

Model #: RLD15B

UPC: 053533507430

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The AGENT 1: RLD15B Refrigerant Detector is designed and certified to meet the new tougher standards and detects the latest refrigerants. Equipped with a heated sensor to increases accuracy and reduce false alarms, the Agent 1 displays approximate leak sizes with the digital leak size indicator to help pin-point leak sources. Finally the true mechanical pump draws gas over the sensor faster providing a quick response in a variety of contaminated or windy environments.


  • Detects Industry Standard Refrigerants; Including but not limited to:
    • HFC: R-134a, R-410A, R-404A, R-407C & R-507 (R-134a, R410A sensitivity ≥ 0.05 oz/yr)
    • HCFC: R-22 (R-22 sensitivity ≥ 0.025 oz/yr)
    • CFC: R-12
    • Hydrocarbon Blends: HC-12a®, OZ-12a®
  • Long Life Heated Sensor Technology
  • Digital Numeric Leak Size Indicator
  • 3 Sensitivity Levels
  • Visual LED Leak Alarm
  • Whisper Action Pump
  • Automatic Calibration & Ambient Level Reset
  • Splash Resistant


  • Sensitivity:
    • .05 oz/yr R134a
    • .025 oz/yr R22
  • Sensor Life: >300 hours
  • Response Time: 1sec
  • Power Supply: 4 AA batteries
  • Battery Life: 8 Hrs. Continuous
  • Warm-Up Time: <20 Seconds
  • Probe Length: 17 inches
  • Numerical Display: 7 Segment Digital (1-9)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs


  • SAE J2791 Certified
  • CE Certified
  • Euro Standard EN 14624

Supplied with:

  • 1 (5 pack) Sensor Filters
  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Leak Test Vial
  • Users manual
  • Hard Carrying Case w/ Protective Foam Lining

Download Users manual (PDF format)

Cross Sensitivity to Automotive Chemicals
Some Automotive solvents and chemicals have similar hydrocarbon properties as R134a and may elicit a positive response (< 30 seconds) from the AGENT. Before leak detecting, clean up any chemicals in the list below that elicit a response.

Dextron Transmission Fluid heated to 160°F
Quaker State motor oil heated to 160°F
Rain-X Windshield wash fluid
Ford silicone lubricant
Ford Gasket adhesive (when wet)
Ford rust inhibitor (when wet)
Loctite Natural Blue Degreaser (undiluted)
Ford brake parts cleaner (when wet)
Ford silicone rubber (when uncured)
Motorcraft antifreeze heated to 160°F
Gunk liquid wrench (when wet)
Ford spot remover (when wet)
Ford pumice lotion (with mineral solvent)
Ford Motorcraft brake fluid
Ford carburetor cleaner (when wet)

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