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Replacement Healthway Main Filter (60500) fits Air Purifier Deluxe

Model #: 28243

Condition: New

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available

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Category: Air Quality - IAQ

Genuine Healthway Replacement Main Filter (round).

  • Dimensions:
    • 12.1" top diameter
    • 12.5" bottom diameter
    • 2.7" thick
  • The HealthWay® Air Purifier Deluxe’s Main Filter captures 99.99% particles at 0.3 microns – four times the particle reduction from a similarly sized HEPA filter
  • Traps and prevents growth of microorganisms. This filter is one of 9 stages of filtration provided by the Air Purifier Deluxe.
  • To ensure the efficiency of the HealthWay® Air Purifier Deluxe, it is recommended that you change filter every 12 months.
  • Healthway Part Number 60500.
  • Spruce part number: 28243.
  • Replacement for deluxe models include: 20600-02, 20600-03, 28238.


Your new upgraded Healthway filter may not fit until the gasket is completely removed. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Take the main filter out of your air system. Find the seam of the gasket or where the two ends meet.
  2. Gently remove and discard gasket.
  3. Be sure no debris from the gasket remains adhered to the grid.
  4. After the gasket is completely removed, you may now replace the main filter back into your air system.


Looking for: Genuine Healthway Replacement Carbon-Zeolite Filter. Healthway Part Number 50400.

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Product 11 of 11
Category: Air Quality - IAQ
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