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Report Form Pre-Inspection Basic Kit (USK222NV) Report & Guide

Model #: USK222NV

Condition: New


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You will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for the house and any hidden problems (which means more money spent making repairs), don't let anyone talk you out of your right to know what you are buying.

The Home Inspection Report Basic Kit is designed for home buyers to identify, locate and understand the working of the major systems in the house. The guide will help you determine what issues to look for and how to evaluate conditions. The form provides for you to document the characteristics of the house's various components and appliances, such as the roof, walls, heating & cooling systems, kitchen stove, etc.

If you are planning to sell your home, the Kit will help you identify areas of concern, so you can make repairs and better prepare your house for listing. Houses that have been inspected prior to listing tend to sell faster than houses not inspected. Also, knowing the home's issues before listing will provide for a more smooth sales and settlement process. You will also be sending the message to potential buyers that you have nothing to hide.

  • Professional Inspection Report - Contains 15 inspection areas/sections, such as Roof, Exterior, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, etc. Summary page included to track important items for repair technicians. Eight pages of information containing additional instructions and home maintenance tips (printed on the back of the forms).
  • Instructional Guide (99.00 Value) - Guide is used to train professional home inspectors.
  • Report Cover - 80lb, linen, side staple w/ tabs, navy blue, printed with "Important Documents * Keep in a Safe Place".
  • 90 day supply of passive carbon monoxide detection.
Supplied With:
  • 11 Page Professional Inspection Report
  • Navy Blue Report Cover
  • 40+ Page Instructional Guide
  • FREE Passive Carbon Monoxide Detector

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